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So You Booked Your Boudoir Shoot, Now What?

This is great news! But, what do you do from here? Pick a date! If you already have, and If you will be shooting with me, here are a few things to think about while planning your expience with me.

A great question to be asking, first things first, if you haven't already download Printerest (Pinterest is my "go-to" quick muse when I have an idea in devlopment.) Hair and Make-up is included in all boudior packages take a look at our partnered salon here. Take a look at my Hair and Make-up Board to get an idea of what you would be looking for when you get into styling.

  1. Hair and Make-up: https://pin.it/8gYYyxe

  2. Boudior outfit & posing ideas: https://pin.it/jsYejhv

You are certinaly thinking about outfits, there are TONS available and chose from, ask your photographer for reccommendations along with doing some browing yourself. Sometimes, asking your photographer really helps the two of you both grasp a style/concept. Ex- If you want more of a glamor feel to your shoot pick dark purple, maroon, black (best choice as always), rhinestones and dramatic/bold make-up.

  1. Outfit Idea's : https://pin.it/34EbdgF

  2. Pair of black or statement high heels (Optional)

Some lingere stores I reccommed if you want to purchase your own outfits(NSFW Content):

Frederick's Of Hollywood: Catch them during a sale time for GREAT deals.

Yandy(NSFW): Is another little hidden gem to look through as well!

Amazon is also another great place to find inexpensive lingere for your shoot.

My clients; let me remind you to feel free to ask me anything, if you are unsure about colors or idea's just reach out to me at any time of day (Yes, any time of day) I will answer you ASAP.

REMEBER: This is your expirence! Have fun and relax! You are powerful, you are strong, and you are enough!

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